sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012


"...minha alegria também vem de minha mais profunda tristeza 

e que tristeza era uma alegria falhada.

Sim, ela era alegrezinha dentro de sua neurose. 

Neurose de guerra..."

(Lispector, Clarice)

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"But then we explain you
You'll have to complain
But kept the bright side
Open your eyes
Along with your mind
It's not so bad
God is love and love is all around

You do the best you can
As it have to be great
Open your arms
Now is the time
To get away with your life
Hold on
And your heart and enjoy the ride..."

"And I see you smiling in my dreams After I cry myself to sleep And all it's left in memories Of the your warm And I miss you and I'm afraid And all the seasons are the same, I don't remember what you said at the last time..." por último Imany, verdadeiro presente, :)E bora caminhar e viver a vida. Sol lindo!

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